John and Frans Zipwire Challenge!

John and Fran at Zip World, 2017 John and Fran Barnett (Olivia's Nan and Grandad) recently braved the fastest zip line in the world at Zip World, Bethesda, North Wales - despite both being in their 70s!

Zip World Velocity is the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe. The experience involves flying head-first, for just under a mile exceeding speeds of 100mph down a mountain and then straight over a cliff, 500ft above the quarry lake with spectacular views.

Having suggested the challenge to several members of the family, John quickly found that no-one else thought it was a good idea! So the baton fell to Fran, his ever supportive wife, who - on the day - was understandably terrified but braved the event as only a Nan could.

The Olivia Rae Foundation at Zip World, 2017 John, Fran and a large contingent of supporters from the Olivia Rae Foundation all had a great day out in Bethesda. We would like to give a special thank you to the kind people who made donations to the Olivia Rae Foundation during the running of this event.

The generosity and warmth of everybody is very much appreciated and you helped make a thrilling event even more special for these two Septuagenauts!

Take a little less, Give a lot more...

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